viernes, 6 de febrero de 2009


So it was about time to post something. Something like...

Naked people

Captain Hook

Niña looking cute (like always)

And Loren wearing clothing my mom made *__* Isn't she awesome?

And a closeup of his wonderful face-up. I wonder how they did it, bet they used a single hair brush for those eyelashes!

2 comentarios:

Trent Correy dijo...

hola!..haha thanks..finally 1 picture out of 100 that looks like gil. So you're decking out your blog! nice! I guess your whole family is talented, those clothing for the doll are cool, I see where you get your patience and attention to detail from. As always, great stuff- I am ashamed of my life drawing when I look at yours, you truly capture the life. Hope your mom feels better! adios

Chu dijo...

Oh!!! lovely clothes made by my mon for a lovely guy! XD.
Mom is the best! she is to talented! jejeje.
Love the naked people! XD.
Chu! -3-