sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2009

I'm alive

I decided to draw today, and man, what a feeling! I felt alive today! This is surely my thing, to draw! I realized it was my fault; I needed to stop blaming my current job and what have you. It was my fault and only my fault.

The first drawings are basically copied from books. I wanted to give faces to the dynamic guys to make it funnier. The animals are from a zoo trip I went to like months ago with Collin and Trent and I owed them. I was more concentrated in movement rather than in rendering. I thought that if I wanted a nice animal rendering I just googled it.

sábado, 5 de septiembre de 2009


Yes, another doll post! Mind you!

But this one's special! I've been wanting a Dollshe Saint for nearly a year and for reason A and B I couldn't have one until now! He came yesterday after waiting for three weeks since I've ordered him (woa, now THAT is a record).

I love him SOO MUCH, this is NOT normal. I loved him even with his blank face (despite everyone calling him sick or dead). And today I've painted his face and... Oh... The connection was magical. So here he is, my wonderful Saint! I've ordered the closed eyes version, so I still have one face waiting for the face-up! I have no name for him yet, but I'm between Morten and Marcello (thansk mom!). Can you believe that's the box I've got from the mailman? Why is it so big?!

Haha, the taller, the harder they are to stand up. I don't know why I get in love with tall dolls. I'm loving his excess of joints!!

Of course, the comparison picture!

And the face-up I've just painted today =_=U

Beside my doll fandom, nothing much's happened. I keep on painting BGs for Benjamin Bear Season 4, and I've been refining my "cheating" techniques in order to get to deadlines X__x And yeah, that's it u.u I wanna draw

martes, 30 de junio de 2009

Trying something new...

... With my cheap camera. I always thought the "manual focus" thing was worthless ('cuz I didn't know what it was or how it worked). I needed to create the Bokeh effect without using Photoshop and the Macro function >.< So yah, I had to document myself about technical stuff that I can't quite understand yet xD Anyway, my first experiments! Which is your fav one?

martes, 19 de mayo de 2009

CHARGED - Animated short film

CHARGED - Animated Short Film from Collin T on Vimeo.

CHARGED, follows the first day on the job for an energetic guy named Spark. His excitement for his new job quickly turns sour when Spark is faced with an obstacle that is almost too much for him to handle. Made by: Collin Tsandilis tsandilis.blogspot.com Trent Correy trentanimation.blogspot.com Mayrhosby Yeoshen mayyeo.com Produced at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada. 2009

miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2009


So I was keeping this wintery head, and he/she needed a body. Chiqui liked it and we decided he/she looked like a she. After some research I chose a B&G body that arrived just today! And despite the resin match looks quite bad in the pictures, it's not like that at all in real life.
She is my sister's first BJD, and the first hybrid in the family xD I did the face-up and chiqui chose the outfit and general appereance. I love size comparison shots so I leave you with these ones!

I think Loren's gonna turn hetero now.

domingo, 3 de mayo de 2009

What? Pixar in Venezuela?

That's right! I can't wait to see this movie!! I hope more people get to know my country actually exists! And hey, that place is 8 hours away from my house T_T

Check it out! Up!

lunes, 13 de abril de 2009

How to sew a PJ outfit for a SSDF

These are the tools of trade. And the book I bought which is very good if you're a beginner like myself.

First off, you need a pattern. I downloaded the PJ shirt from UndeadThreads and resized it to 110%. For the bottom I used a pant I bought and traced a pattern out of it, then I adjusted it some.

Then you have to place the pattern pieces with the grainline arrow parallel to the selvages and pin them.

Double check the placement before cutting as accuracy is important. Mistakes made in cutting cannot always be corrected.

Do the same with the pants.

Since this fabric tends to fray you need to apply finishing seams. In this case, a zigzag stich was used. Then, iron the piece. Always remember to iron in order to get better results.

Sew right sides together, pin the sewn right and left pants sections together at the crotch seam. Line up the inner leg seams, and match any notches. Stitch the entire seam.

Join both pants at the crotch area using pins and sew them accordingly.

Finish the waistline. Fit what you have done to the doll and see where you want the girdle to be placed at. Fold the upper edge of the waistline and iron it. Stich and leave a a opening just above the first opening in order to get the elastic inside.

Use a pin to drag the elastic inside. Try it on the doll to see if it fits. Once done, stitch several times until it's strong enough and close the opening.

Try the pans once again on the doll and mark where you want the hem to be. Iron it and stich. The pants are done!

Now with the PJ Top. This is the collar and it's kind of tricky. You need to cut it perpendicular to the selvages of the fabric. With right sides together pin and sew the collar around top and sides and leave the other side open. Turn right sides out and iron flat.

With right sides together pin and sew the fronts with the back by the shoulders.

Fold wrong sides of the cuffs together at crease line, and iron them flat. Pin the cuff to the right side of the sleeve and make sure all the seams are aligned. Stitch the cuff to the right side of the sleeve.

Fold the cuffs out so that they lay flat. Iron the seam allowances pointed towards the top of the sleeve and stich.

I didn't take photos of the rest but the rest of the explanation can be found here since I followed those instructions.

And this is how it looks once the buttons are all added!

And this is how it looks on the doll! What a great feeling to see that it fits!

jueves, 9 de abril de 2009

Fine Tooning Pages

Tom's revisions? What? They're brutal and chaotic, but who cares...

Trent, if you read this, sorry for stealing part of your layout xD

lunes, 30 de marzo de 2009


I know this might not look the greatest thing I've ever done, but I have a soft spot for quick rough sketches. This is a "portrait" of my friend Juan Nieto (John Grandson xD) that started as a MSN doodle, and then opened in Painter and saved in PS... I like the simplicity of it. He let me "bishify" him.

lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009

Self Directed Learning

That's the name of the Gened I took. This weekend I finally took some time to do something for my Gened. I've decided I would learn how to sew stuff... For my dolls. So I started with PJ pants for Coltrane. I made a pattern out of the pants I bought for him.

The final result was so ugly that I got depressend and I will never show them to anyone. But then I decided I'd try a T-shirt. I took a SD pattern from FlimFlam's website and resized it about 116% and added some cms here and there. The book steps were very clear, but since this is a Tshirt for a doll and not a human being, the size restriction was an issue, so I had to look at steps on internet and this time I think I got something decent. Now Coltrane has something way less formal to wear and now that I pay attention to him, he looks like some sort of "thinspiration" (which was totally NOT intended). Anyway, it feels good to see the thing fits! This is oficially my third time at sewing something and I'm kinda proud of myself... There's still some finishes that I should work some more but... Hell, it's a doll. He won't complain. So then I went nuts and did another "photoshot" on my well known table.

Not only the book and webpages helped me out some, also youtube did! I've learnt how to wing a bobbin just watching a youtube video xD

PS: I bought the pants.

domingo, 8 de marzo de 2009

Artsy Fartsy Dump

I wrote some stuff like I always do but I posted it in the wrong blog =_= so what the hell, enjoy the images.

Wintery head

(Yes, that's Coltrane's body... )

Life Drawing (nu pastel and conté)