martes, 17 de febrero de 2009

Coltrane is finally complete!

So I received a call this morning from Canada Post and I screamed. I thought he was arriving this Friday, so that means it took just three days to get here! How efficient is that? Anyway, I bought a Regen from Luts, because I desperately needed a SSDF body and he was on sale for three days, so I said "why not?". So I bought him on December, and the other good thing is that there was this event so I could get a free head, the "Winter Event Head". Which is way too cute. Anyway, the photos!

The box inside the box!

What's inside those cushions? My sister was there and she didn't let me take nice pictures of the contents because apparently she was more excited than I was and took everything.

The mummy!

And this is Regen. He's cute but not so much my type, the lack of forehead bothers me, and his head is too small for his body. I think I'll practice face-up on him a couple of times and then sell him on the market.

Regen's head is the one at the left, and Wintery is at the right. Look how big is the deattachable SSDF hand!

So I changed heads and put on Coltrane's with his new wig (that I need to style as well). I almost cried out my happiness. Coltrane is finally complete.

And if you wanted to know the size difference between a SSDF and a SDF... I felt sorry for Loren, he looks like a child now... And they're the same age! This made me think it twice about getting a mecha angel (80 cm).

This is a cute one. Loren's uncomfortable because not only Coltrane is one head taller than him, he can also cross legs xD

And more Coltrane's photos, just because. I can´t get over his beauty. Wait until I paint a decent face-up and attach nice doll-sized eyelashes.

My friend Liliana wanted to see the veiny hands... As a side note, that watch actually works!

I love my dolls to bits... I wished my mom was here so she could sew something less formal for Coltrane. Oh well, I'll figure... Now I want a female doll, but my only female chara is Juno and she's a tough one, I can't find her anywhere. Anyway, I'm way too happy with these two, tho they can't stand each other xD * sings and finishes this entry *

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Chu dijo...

He looks amazing!!! lucky Loren that has some company now :P. Love ya May! XD

MayYeo dijo...

Haha ya, but they hate each other xD Too bad. Love ya too!