domingo, 22 de febrero de 2009


I haven't been feeling good emotionally speaking. I've been accumulating frustration for a while and adding up that I'm a home person, since my mom left I've been wanting to cry out my sadness (which I did just today). I exploded and called her, dad attended and worried about me. I don't want to freak out and now less than ever since I'm with my sister and I need to be an example to her. But sometimes I can't avoid loosing it.

Yesterday I had a chat via MSN with Ingvild. Out of the blue we talked about our boys and how much we drew them before... And she asked me to doodle on MSN like old times. So I did it. And it was like medicine... I missed drawing what I like, it's something I cannot explain. One thing we noticed is that how a free tool such as MSN can bring us even more fun than a program worth hundreds of dollars (such as photoshop). So, this is some of the stuff that popped out of that session. I wish we could repeat that again anytime soon.

I've been also thinking that my style pretty much sunk. If I try to make it different it'll look like someone else's style =/ I kind of like it but sometimes I wished it was different, like the growing popular korean style.

And just because, an old sketch I did of one of my most recently created charas. You can tell I have a thing for guys wearing sideburns. Riso's a musician werewolf born in Austria, and Glenn's buddy (they're just friends, don't freak out).

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Trent Correy dijo...

Hola..!! Cool Painting your an inspiration!!! Good luck with BG's!!!!