lunes, 19 de enero de 2009

Loren's here!

Yay! After three months and a half, Loren is here! He's a DOT Lahoo (from DOD) with brown makeup. I was at college when my sister came to my classroom telling me to give a lasagna to my classmates and that my boy came! So when I came home my mom had the box lying on my bed. So I took my camera and started documenting it *_*

That is the box that came all the way from Korea!

That's a box inside another box. "Dream of Dall"

The contents! Two wigs, eyes, extra pair or hands, postal cards and a wrapped thing.

It's a heavy candy!

Here's Loren, eyeless and with no dignity.

Niña wanted to try the box

And here's Loren finally unwrapped and with some eyes I had for him, wearing the default wig.

Loren stood up for first time ^^ (so hard to do on the carpet)

From now on, I just toyed around with his joints, and made him wear several different things.

And this is his final look (for now). Not with those glasses tho, I need to find nice emo glasses for him.


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