sábado, 2 de enero de 2010

New year's ramblings

2009 was a very interesting year in my life. I've got my animation diploma, my sister came to live with me, my mom visited me twice, I've got my cat neutered (thank God), Erick Goldberg saw my stuff, I've been into photography... And most important, I've been studying the bible (which hopefully will lead me to become a better person).

Now, this has to be the most procastinating year ever regarding illustration. Sure I did draw a lot the first half of the year. But after school was over my drawing was reduced to almost zero. There's this facebook project I've been until now, which was one photo per week. It took me into this other kind of art and almost made me forgot my roots. Since my previous post was spammed several times I'm going to post here again the pics I liked the most (they can be all found in my flickr account). As you can see, I was mostly into "photomanipulation". However not this kind of photomanipulation that you see and you say "hey, cool photomanipulation! Nice non believable photo!". I don't want it to be that obvious, I want people to look at it and not even think... That's a photomanipulation, if you know what I mean. Let me know if I kind of succeeded (also take in mind that I own no doll-sized furniture).

This experience with photography made me realize that... It's just not for me. Let me put it this way: Everytime I took a picture, I felt I cheated my roots. How so? I mean, with just one click you can have ready what could take you forever to draw. However there was another big realization: Photography is just an illusion of your surroundings, or your interpretation of your surroundings, and nothing else. Like I said to a friend of mine, could I take a picture of a dragon flying the skies? For sure, there are tricks and what not involved in photography, but you cannot take a picture of a dragon. Period. Nothing as fascinating as drawing, illustrating and such... And what about animation? It's creating "the illusion of life"! (I'm really proud to say myself "I'm an animator" XD). What I want to emphasize (sp?) is that I've got my share of this, and I have to keep moving. I need to draw and that's for real. I think this huge and massive art block is coming to an end.

So yeah, I woke up and I felt this urge to write in my blog xD Dunno why, new year thing? I dunno. Most likely my new post will be about my new doll (which I'm waiting for). Yah, me and my dolls...

Have a good weekend everyone.

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Dona dijo...

Happy new year, May :)

I think you succeeded in making your photos look real. I thought "Oh, that's beautiful" instead of "Hmm, that looks shopped" And they are beautiful indeed, you have a wonderful eye for composition.

Photography is just a very different medium. It makes you think about some other things than illustration and you are forced what surroundings and lighting situation you have and make it work. It has its ups and downs :)

MayYeo dijo...

Hello Dona, thanks for commenting!
Yah I think photography is just a very different medium and just like anything it's not for everyone. And it's just what you said, You're forced to make surroundings and lighting work! Which frustrates me a lot, xD I saw your Deviantart, really good stuff you've got there!