sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2009

I'm alive

I decided to draw today, and man, what a feeling! I felt alive today! This is surely my thing, to draw! I realized it was my fault; I needed to stop blaming my current job and what have you. It was my fault and only my fault.

The first drawings are basically copied from books. I wanted to give faces to the dynamic guys to make it funnier. The animals are from a zoo trip I went to like months ago with Collin and Trent and I owed them. I was more concentrated in movement rather than in rendering. I thought that if I wanted a nice animal rendering I just googled it.

2 comentarios:

Trent Correy dijo...

sh'es alive!!! Nice sketches may...you have to draw more....so much talent!!!!!!!!!!!! Great movement captured in these!
draw, draw, draw!

MayYeo dijo...

Thanks for commenting, Trent! I do need to draw!