sábado, 30 de enero de 2010

My first female doll

Before starting anything, what's going on with SPAM? I'm reading everywhere Spammers weren't happy enough with attacking email accounts and now they use blogs and website ads and so on. I don't know about you guys but my last two posts were infected with them, geez...

Anyway, as I said earlier, another doll has come, she's my first female (because the other one belongs to my sister), her name is Helena and she's supposed to be Morten's GF ^^U (he felt so lonely T_T). She's a Supia Roda dreaming head, and I haven't seen many of them so I guess she's not a very popular mold.

Trying a red wig on her

Aren't them cute together?!?! X3 (Excuse the fangirlism *ehem*)

Duotone Lurve

However there is something that isn't working... There's 16 cm difference in height! And in doll proportions, that's huge! Take a look:

Morten looks like a pedo!!! This time I didn't do it on purpose, I swear! Yah I knew she was 58cm and he was 74cm, but I wasn't that aware of it. Anyway, sitting pictures from now on.

And just because, an extra pic of Morten 'cuz he's so pretty in that curly crazy/gay wig I got for him:
Saint Smile

Now I can say my collection is coming to an end >:3 I just need to save for Glenn and Paul and that's it! (yah, I already know which molds they'll reincarnate in, mwahahaha). That's it folks. Not much time nowadays, due to my two jobs X__x * kills herself *

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