martes, 8 de julio de 2008

New design!

I update this blog once every lustrum. OK OK, so I changed the layout, I got nothing to do today (or maybe I did but I didn't want to do anything).
News! Next Monday I'm going to oficially work at . It's a flashed based animation studio. So they had to train me for several weeks so I could handle my first scene xD (is excited). I'm gonna work on a brand new show, it looks interesting.
Hum, lessee lessee... I also "came back" to Ingvild ( Yes, we're together again (wears the ring). Many many things can happen from now on! (Like, a trip to Norway o.o). Btw, she made this cute version of my character Coltrane * is so in love with it * Isn't he cute?
I'll try to use this blog as an online sketchbook * cough * Hope to update this thing on a weekly basis.

Have a good summer everyone!

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