lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009

Self Directed Learning

That's the name of the Gened I took. This weekend I finally took some time to do something for my Gened. I've decided I would learn how to sew stuff... For my dolls. So I started with PJ pants for Coltrane. I made a pattern out of the pants I bought for him.

The final result was so ugly that I got depressend and I will never show them to anyone. But then I decided I'd try a T-shirt. I took a SD pattern from FlimFlam's website and resized it about 116% and added some cms here and there. The book steps were very clear, but since this is a Tshirt for a doll and not a human being, the size restriction was an issue, so I had to look at steps on internet and this time I think I got something decent. Now Coltrane has something way less formal to wear and now that I pay attention to him, he looks like some sort of "thinspiration" (which was totally NOT intended). Anyway, it feels good to see the thing fits! This is oficially my third time at sewing something and I'm kinda proud of myself... There's still some finishes that I should work some more but... Hell, it's a doll. He won't complain. So then I went nuts and did another "photoshot" on my well known table.

Not only the book and webpages helped me out some, also youtube did! I've learnt how to wing a bobbin just watching a youtube video xD

PS: I bought the pants.

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