miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2008

Things arrived!

First off, I would like to tell that Chuchu got her doll Alicia! (A pink Amy from Iplehouse ) She is a ball jointed doll. We are like together in this new hobby of us, and she's enjoying it already! She started sewing like crazy, and despite she says her stuff looks bad I love what she does, I wish I had her skills!

And now that we are in the BJD line, guess what, the head I bought from a member of DOA arrived today! I screwed the payment at first but once solved the transaction went smoothly. He is a SSD '08 man event head that I missed from LUTS. I happened to come across to a photo of this gorgeous sculpt and I shouted "It's Coltrane!!" (for those who don't know, Coltrane is a character I created long time ago). What I could not achieve with drawings and paintings, a doll company did. He IS Coltrane, I found his face! OMG, he's so gorgeous! You can't tell right now, but once I do the face-up you'll see!

One week after I paid for him I lernt that head belongs to a super senior delf body!! (which means, the guy is 70cm tall). Now I need to save to buy his huge body ^^U OMG can't wait to do my first face-up!

Enough of doll babbling! Another thing that arrived today was another copy of the painter magazine (the arrive to my place every month). But this time I got a tuto featured! I must admit this had been the shittiest tutorial I've ever made, but oh well, hope someone learns something from it o.oU

These people chopped off my name o.o

OMAKE! Cat in a hole

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Chu dijo...

oh!!!!! OMG! the head is finally there! you just have to save some money to buy the body jo jo! hope i will help you with that :D.
I can't wait to see how Coltrain looks when you make up him! jo jo! NEW HOBBIES!!! i can stop sewing!!!!!!!

Love ya!


anuska dijo...

preciosa Alicia, Chu se lo va a pasar genial con ella ^_*

Anónimo dijo...

hola May, no me habias comentado sobre este nuevo tut en la revista, malo malo ya sabes que te aupo y soy tu fan. Que raro escogiste una madre y un bb para el tut.


DarkieSoul dijo...

Eto para que te serviran dos cabezas si solo te va alleagr un cuerpo o.o, espero que te llegue rapido
Que CUCHURA la ultima foto 8D