domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

Still alive!

I haven't painted in years. But I have doodles to share ^^U

This Alucard rotation was done to serve as reference for a head sculpting by DIM.
I'm also planning a band in resin. The one at the left should be the Alucard head. The rest of the heads are already with me. So from left to right: DIM Alucard MNM, Nabarro Har, Angelsdoll Michael, Luts Regen. The fun part about this will be getting their bodies and instruments (I found the microphone!). Now I need bass guitar, guitar, and drums.

And this is my attempt at expression sheet for Glenn. I took reference from Sinbad *loves Dreamworks 2D movies* I also tried to draw Paul but he's harder than what I thought.

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