sábado, 18 de octubre de 2008

Dolly's Clothes!

This entry is dedicated to my sisters since I was giving a fuzz about the doll's clothes thing. They finally arrived! I know, I know, it's not the doll per se, but the clothing and accessories are so cute and they give me this illusion of having the actual thing with me. So I went to the post office and got my packages from.... Korea! (I'm sorry, I can't help myself every time I see something written in Hangul).

I opened the boxes! They're from Dollmore and Iplehouse (yes, they arrived at the same time, what a synchronization).

These are the contents from the Iplehouse box. I bought really nice jeans and a Tshirt to justify the shipping expenses. Compare them to the cat (yes, she had to show off again). This doll is gonna be bigger than I thought!! * loves big dollies *

Then I opened the Dollmore contents. Clothes, chains, beanie, glasses, eyes, wig, necklaces. Pretty much everything to pimp my doll! Oh, and they gave me an extra pair of glass eyes! Not too keen on the color, but hey, extra eyes nontheless!

Look closely at the contents. I bet Cole's gonna look handsome in that outfit. And how cute are the glasses? They even came with the case. And look at that eye, the glitter is just mesmerizing.

OMAKE! Tessa spent some time playing with the chains.

Oh man, if I'm this excited with clothes, how am I gonna be with the doll? * can't wait, for real * I'm still waiting for the shoes which I bought even before this stuff ;__; * is starting to get worried *

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